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I am the Hen…

What began as an unflattering nickname from childhood has come to define me. Proud. Mother. Provider. Nester.
As a native of North Carolina, I was raised in a tradition of true southern hospitality. Nothing defined that experience more than our family gathering around the table to share a simple meal.

We call it gracious living…
It's all about making the people you welcome into your home feel comfortable and cared for. (This includes the people that live in that home with you!) It's that intangible that makes you want to linger at the dinner table or pull up a chair and visit. It's about hospitality without feeling stuffy or too proper. It's knowing that this time right now is special.

I have had the pleasure of building the Hen House with a network of incredible women. Our in-the-Hen House designer and creative director is my college roommate and dear friend Katherine Poole. Katherine and I have not had to look further than our own backyards to grow our brood, from my neighbor Lee, our inspired photographer to Kathleen and Christina our intrepid office crew, to all of our supportive, creative, opinionated mothers, girlfriends, sisters, muses and stalwart friends that have graciously tested new product, modeled, opened their homes for photoshoots, found the perfect shade of red, carpooled my children and on occasion fed my husband. We are all Hens and take great pleasure in offering a line that provides a warm and welcoming, easy and comfortable space for those who gather around you.

And that is the Hen. And this is her house… Welcome.

Jenny Davids