About La Gallina Matta

"La Gallina Matta" was born in October 2003 from an idea by Claudia Petruzzi Granato.

The objective is to propose a way of living in the house, furnished with linens and objects that help give the idea of heat in the contemporary everyday.

The production of “La Gallina Matta” is developed on two lines, linens and home furnishings.

The line of linen is put into production in the first year, evolved from a simple image, to a sophisticated and appropriate one for a new way of living the house, to a more challenging, embroidered by hand and built according to customer requirements.

The second line includes furniture and furnishing and is part of "La Gallina Matta" project under the "Oval Design” brand.

Each object is developed and built handmade with only one piece with the purpose of offering different combinations of materials, trying not to lose the practicality of daily life and the warmth that a house should communicate to those who live in.

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