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Placemats, Coasters, & Trays collection with 2 products
Placemats, Coasters, & Trays 1 Collection 2 products  
Botanic Garden collection with 143 products
Botanic Garden 143 products 2 Likes  
Botanic Garden Melamine collection with 4 products
Botanic Garden Melamine 4 products 1 Like  
Botanic Garden Terrace collection with 9 products
Botanic Garden Terrace 9 products 1 Like  
Pomona collection with 54 products
Pomona 54 products 3 Likes  
Sara Miller London collection with 32 products
Sara Miller London 3 Collections 32 products  
Sophie Conran Celadon collection with 18 products
Sophie Conran Celadon 18 products    
Sophie Conran White collection with 83 products
Sophie Conran White 83 products 7 Likes  
A force in the homewares industry, the Portmeirion Group, encompasses the Portmeirion, Spode, Royal Worcester and Pimpernel brands. It is a market leader in high quality and innovatively designed tableware, cookware, giftware and tabletop accessories.