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Registry picture Leah Harrington Joshua Arnold Dec 14, 2019
Registry picture Alicia Paige Morgan Jacob Ryan Ring Oct 26, 2019
Registry picture Ashlyn Tarr Robert Heard Oct 12, 2019
Danielle LaGraize Ryan Brewer Sep 21, 2019
Meredith Manguno Chase Rhylander Sep 14, 2019
Registry picture Grace Martin Mitchell Nicholas Andrew Turner Sep 6, 2019
Registry picture Taylor Goerke Paul Eager Aug 24, 2019
Registry picture Kelsey Stinnett Steven Carlisle Aug 17, 2019
Kate Jamison Daniel Camuti Aug 10, 2019
Registry picture Alexandra Daley McClure Thomas Wayne Loftis Aug 10, 2019
Registry picture Katie E Pickler Daniel T Callahan Aug 10, 2019
Jessica Whitehead Jonathan Ragan Aug 3, 2019
Registry picture Sarah Catherine Hearn James Edward Sexton Jul 27, 2019
Marti Poole Jordan Montgomery Jul 27, 2019
Registry picture Mallory Shanahan Asa Toney Jul 20, 2019
Registry picture Brooke Rendall Ross Bell Jul 13, 2019
Registry picture Esther Jeong Joseph Pillow Jun 29, 2019
Registry picture Christina Tilton Dave Carter Jun 22, 2019
Lauren Gardner Kenny Turpen Jun 22, 2019
Elizabeth Carey Dowdle Joe C Horton Jun 19, 2019
Registry picture Elizabeth Boatwright Mark Heath Jun 15, 2019
Anna Stewart Ben Addison Jun 14, 2019
Registry picture Mandy Carter John Threlkeld Jun 8, 2019
Registry picture Mary Katherine Stanley Mike Rohdy Jun 8, 2019
Registry picture Anna Hunigan Zachary Clark Jun 1, 2019
Registry picture Shannon Leeke Chadwick Willoughby Jun 1, 2019
Caroline Jamison Nick Eagle Jun 1, 2019
Registry picture Sarah Golding Zach Crapa May 26, 2019
Registry picture Natalie Johnson Derrick Baber May 25, 2019
Registry picture Ramsay Laughlin George Jamison May 25, 2019
Sara Stukenborg Julian Mangrum May 18, 2019
Elizabeth Ashleigh Young Stephen Rainer May 11, 2019
Registry picture Haley Hauss Walker Poole May 11, 2019
Registry picture Leiah Mendiondo Alexander Spanopoulos May 5, 2019
Rachel Faith Park Pierce Williams May 4, 2019
Cayla Jacobson Thomas Panagon May 4, 2019
Registry picture Blair Dowdle Kyle Mann Apr 27, 2019
Registry picture Meg Mattis Justin Crone Apr 27, 2019
Registry picture Mary Morgan Shirley Christopher Andrew Gross Apr 27, 2019
Registry picture Tiffany Byrd Colin Roper Apr 16, 2019
Registry picture Katie Nickelotte Austin Cooper Apr 13, 2019
Taylor Fortune Colin Lee Apr 13, 2019
Registry picture Esha Rock Andrew Iupe Apr 13, 2019
Registry picture Kailan Wilson Tyler Garrett Apr 6, 2019
Registry picture Kelly Elizabeth Mahoney Walker Martin Perry Apr 5, 2019
Registry picture Chelsea Anne Beech William Wilks Hayden Mar 25, 2019
Registry picture Kirsten Retherford Chris Paladino Mar 23, 2019
Registry picture Sara Pearson Ian Duren Mar 16, 2019
Registry picture Emily Peace Sayres Bryce Andrew Miller Mar 16, 2019
Registry picture Wendi Travis Bauman Dustin Bradley Bauman Mar 9, 2019
Registry picture Callie Alexandra Reese Todd Davis Childers Jan 26, 2019
Registry picture Francie Harris Zach Gillespie Jan 12, 2019
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Our best wishes to...

Kelly & Walker who are celebrating their Wedding

Kailan & Tyler who are celebrating their Wedding

Lindsey & Brandon who are celebrating their 1st Wedding anniversary

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About our Bridal & Gift Registry Service

We specialize in wedding and bridal registries in Germantown and Tennessee. We have many years of experience in making brides and their families happy.

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13 Annieglass Ruffle 13" buffet plate ~ Gold Band • $109.00

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What Are Brides Saying About Us?

"We couldn't have had a better experience registering at Two Doors Down! The selection of every day dishes to special pottery pieces are BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait for them to complete my new home. The sweet ladies that assisted me were incredibly helpful, so patient, and offered the best advice! I am SO thankful a friend recommended me to Two Doors Down!"
~ Brooke in TN

"The ladies at Two Doors Down made the registering process so easy and were so insightful about multi use items that I never thought of! They were also very patient with this very relaxed/clueless bride while trying to figure out what I needed for our new home! Can't wait to start receiving gifts!"
~ Christina in TN

"Who knew that picking out dishes and silverware could be so much FUN? Loved working with the ladies at Two Doors Down -- y'all are the sweetest! My only recommendation is to please start partnering with The Knot so the Two Doors Down registry can sync on brides' wedding websites!"
~ Leiah in GA

"I had the most wonderful experience registering at Two Doors Down! I did not expect to have so much fun picking out dishes :) The staff was unbelievably helpful and made sure to help me pick out exactly what I wanted! Would highly recommend registering there!"
~ Ramsay in TN

"Two Doors Down is amazing! The selection and variety of merchandise is outstanding. I love their unique yet classic products and am so glad we registered here. I would highly recommend Two Doors Down to others!"
~ Tori in GA

"Terri Hannah at Two Doors Down made the gift registration process a breeze. We enjoyed working one-on-one with her to pick out items that will be treasured for many years to come. Thank you so much for making us feel comfortable and for helping us through this process!"
~ Elizabeth in TN

"Two Doors Down is the best place to register. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. They make it such a fun experience!"
~ Alexandra in AL

"Thank you so much! You are always so wonderful to work with!"
~ Lindsay in TN

"Thank you so much to all of the lovely ladies at Two Doors Down for your help making my dream registry! The registry is so easy to view and manage online, allowing out-of-town guests to view and purchase. And the ladies in the store are so helpful in the registering and buying process."
~ Madeline in TN

"Thank you so much to the ladies at Two Doors Down! The owner and staff are so friendly, easy to work with, very helpful, and they make the registry experience fun and exciting. I live in a different city, and I was easily able to manage my registry. There are so many beautiful and useful items to choose from at this store, and they take care to wrap everything beautifully. This has always been one of my favorite stores, and I would highly recommend them for your bridal registry!"
~ Caroline in TN

"So easy to register. LOVE everything in this store. We cannot wait to use these pieces!!"
~ Katie in TN

"The owner and staff at Two Doors Down are amazing people. Registering with them was easy and fun and I am so glad that I chose to work with this beautiful group of ladies. Thank you Two Doors Down, I cannot wait to make my gifts a part of my home!"
~ Hallie in TN

"We had the best time registering at Two doors down! They had a wonderful selection of everyday dishes, fine china, pottery, and Annieglass. They made our experience so pleasant and efficient. We had the easiest time with returns and exchanges as well. We look forward to using our new gifts in our home!"
~ Grace in TN

"We had an amazing experience at Two Doors Down! Everyone was so helpful and Terri was so kind. She has such a great eye and helped us pick out some beautiful pieces!"
~ Gracy in TN

"What an easy process it was to register at Two Doors Down! I walked in without an appointment, and everyone dropped what they were doing to help me. I am so excited for the beautiful pieces on our registry thanks to the customer service!"
~ Meredith in TN

"We had the best experience registering at Two Doors Down. All of the pieces are unique and amazing quality! They will help you build your newly wed table from the bottom up!"
~ Emma in TN

"They were so great to work with! We didn’t feel rushed choosing the pieces for our home and they helped walk us through everything we should think about! Things that I wouldn’t have even thought of. They have great quality pieces and we can’t wait to put them in our home."
~ McKenna in TN

"I had such a wonderful experience here! I went to Two Doors Down with no idea what to expect. The ladies there were amazing and so helpful!"
~ Lauren in TN

"Terri was so incredibly helpful when we created our registry! I was so thankful for all her knowledge and help with picking the right dishes for us! This is such a wonderful store!"
~ Katie in TN

"My sister used Two Doors for her wedding registry two years ago, my cousin a year ago, and I am excited to finally say, "I am at Two Doors Down!""
~ Rebekah in TN

"Two Doors Down was definitely one of our favorite wedding registries! They were so helpful and made everything so easy for us. I highly recommend registering with them!"
~ Taylor in TN

"The ladies at Two Doors Down were so nice and accommodating! Registering here was so fun and stress-free. I'm excited to recommend Two Doors Down to my family and friends!"
~ Kendra in TN

"What a wonderful experience we had with our wedding registry at Two Doors Down! The staff is very knowledgeable of the wide range of items available and are willing to go above and beyond in helping you have a stress free experience. We will continue to recommend Two Doors Down to all of our friends and family for any registry needs!"
~ Garner in TN

"Registering at Two Doors Down was so fun! We found so many great things that we can't wait to use in our new home!"
~ Elizabeth in TN

"Love everything about Two Doors Down!
Such a great shop and registry experience!
~ Meredith in TN

"So glad I registered at Two Doors Down! Such a fun, local place to register. Everyone was so helpful throughout the whole process, and it was so nice to have Mrs. Terri help us pick out pieces and design our place setting with us. Everything in the store is gorgeous and I know will last us for such a long time! I will definitely recommend others register here."
~ Amanda in TN

"Beautiful store and Mrs. Terri is VERY helpful!!"
~ Lindsey in TN

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Two Doors Down or our wedding registry experience! Mrs. Terri, Mrs. Cindy, and all of the Two Door Down Ladies were beyond helpful at every step of the way. From setting up our registry, to receiving calls along the way for gift pick-up/drop off, to wedding day, our experience at Two Doors Down made our wedding special and so much fun! We are beyond grateful for their generosity of time, continual kindness, and particularly excellent taste for the things that make a house a home!"
~ Kate in TN

"Wonderful experience! Thank you so much for all of your help during this exciting time!"
~ Lindsey in TN

"Lovely experience with the Two Doors Down folks! They treated me with such interest and care. Highly recommend registering with them because of their kindness and excellent taste."
~ Frances in TN

"I had a wonderful experience working with the employees there. They were kind and helpful. They know everything about the store and were able to give good suggestions based on my desired look for my home. I would recommend them to everyone.:)"
~ Kimber in TN

"Great store, with wonderful customer service!"
~ Kendall in TN

"Two doors down is a wonderful store. They had everything we were looking for. Everyone in there is so niceand helpful!"
~ Kit in TN

"It was such an incredible experience working with all the ladies at two doors down! I loved every second of it and was able to find some beautiful things for my new home. :) thank y'all so much!"
~ Jordan in TN

"The Best experience here! they had a great selection and I loved everything I received!"
~ Sophie in TN

"I had a great experience!!"
~ Lizzy in TN

"I had the best experience registering at Two Doors Down! I love everything in the store and the staff went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Two Doors Down to any bride!!

~ Jessica in TN

"I would highly recomment Two Doors Down to any bride! They are great at directing you to essentials for your registry as well as pairing certain pieces that work best for your style! They are super easy to work with and make the whole registry process super easy!"
~ Diana in TN

"I would highly recommend Two Doors Down to any bride! Very helpful and makes registering for your future home so much fun!"
~ Sarah in TN

"My whole experience was wonderful-from creating the registry to picking up gifts and exchanging! Would absolutely recommend Two Doors Down to any bride!!"
~ Jordan in MS

"Have been really pleased with how the registry has worked and how promptly they notified us about gifts. Would highly recommend them!"
~ Aubra in TN

"So much fun and super easy to work with!! Very helpful on helping you pick out things for your registry too!

~ Caroline in TN

"Wonderful experience!"
~ McKenzie in TN

~ Tatum in TN

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